10 Must-See Places in Canberra, Australia

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The Australian Capital Territory, also known as “Canberra,” is a landlocked state in the south-east of Australia. It has a population of over 380,000 people and covers an area of 729 square miles. Canberra is home to many historic sites and monuments that are worth checking out if you’re looking for some fun things to do while visiting the area. In this blog post we will discuss 10 must-see places in Canberra, Australia!

1. The Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial, located at Anzac Parade and Campbell Avenue in the suburb of Acton is a memorial to the men and women who died in wars or were killed on active service. The monument was constructed out of granite and unveiled by the governor-general of Australia, Lord Stonehaven on 11 November 1941. It is surrounded by gardens with a lake and creeks on three sides. Resting inside are many war graves from all over the world, with each grave commemorated by a stone amphitheatre.

2. New Parliament House

Australia’s newest and most iconic building, New Parliament House was designed by the eminent American architect, Jørn Utzon. Utzon was the third of three finalists in a competition to design a new national parliament house in Canberra. Opening to the public on 1988 by Queen Elizabeth II, New Parliament House is a palace composed of many different symbolic meanings. The building is lavishly decorated with statues, carvings and stained glass windows.

The magnificent nature of this building can be seen from the outside through its facade. This facade is clad in white Carrara marble sourced from Italy. The exterior also features colonnades that frame the central courtyard which features gardens and fountains that are lit up at night to perfection. The interior of the building is just as splendid, with many halls and rooms decorated in a Neoclassical style.

3. Questacon Science and Technology Centre

Questacon is an interactive science museum in Canberra, Australia. The science centre encourages young visitors to get involved with the exhibits and participate in hands-on science fun! In their permanent galleries, children can find out more about topics such as climate change, electricity and energy, evolution, space and astronomy. The Questacon cafe provides a variety of different foods if you’re hungry while you’re there.

4. National Gallery of Australia

This is a fairly new institution with only about 18 years of history and with it has come international acclaim. The National Gallery of Australia (NGA) is a museum and art gallery in Canberra that was founded by the Commonwealth Government of Australia to collect, preserve and interpret Australian art. It is also home to many European and Asian art treasures.

5. National Museum of Australia

The National Museum of Australia was established in 2001. The museum showcases and celebrates the rich history and diverse culture of Australia and its people. This includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, our convict beginnings, Federation, wartime experience, post-war immigration and multicultural society.

The museum provides a vast array of exhibits that cover the largest topics in Australian stories such as sport, war, immigration and Indigenous Australians. One must-see exhibit is ‘Women’s Suffrage: Strikes the Match’ which displays memorabilia from the suffrage movement in Australia. There are also many art galleries that house exhibitions on various subjects relating to Australian artists.

6. Old Parliament House

Old Parliament House, situated on Capital Hill in Canberra is Australia’s most significant heritage building. Built between 1920 and 1929, it is also the home of the Australian Senate and the legislative Assembly of the ACT.

After a major fire destroyed much of Old Parliament, this was replaced with a new parliament house in 1988. The old building has been refurbished for use as a museum that showcases Australian history from Federation to modern times, giving visitors an opportunity to see how parliament operated under both Labor and Liberal governments.

7. Mount Ainslie / Ginns Reserve

Mount Ainslie is a large rocky outcrop in Canberra that offers panoramic views of the Australian Capital Territory and Canberra Nature Park. The Aborigines referred to the site as ‘Djerrang’ which means ‘hill’. This hill has been studied by geologists and ecologists for over one hundred years, with geological features such as quartzites, marble and granite also present.

The reserve is located south of Canberra’s Main Range and to the west of Black Mountain Waterloo Creek. There are many walking tracks up Mount Ainslie where you can enjoy views from the summit. Visitors can also view remains of Aboriginal ceremonial ground poles and stone arrangements.

8. Black Mountain Tower

Black Mountain Tower is located at the top of Black Mountain and offers 360 degree views of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory and beyond. This tower was finished in 1965 and it took two years for the design and technical approval to be complete. The concrete tower, 168 meters high, rises abruptly from a shallow hilltop and comprises 22 closely spaced circular steps with double steel-grill stairways on either side. The tower has been open to public since 1966.

9. Australian National Botanic Gardens

The Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG) is a beautiful and tranquil destination in Canberra. Home to over 8000 species, visitors can enjoy different themed gardens such as the mountainous Jindalee Garden, the Woodland Garden and the Desert Garden. The ANBG is open to the public 365 days a year and admission is free.

10. National Carillon

The National Carillon in Canberra is a carillon tower that was designed by Albert Ernest Vernon Deacon. It has 43 bells that are struck with hammers, producing the distinctive sound of a bell. The National Carillon was built in 1967 and is one of the oldest working carillons in Australia. There are 29 Australian bells, 12 English bells and two Irish bells.


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