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This is the track which forms the backbone of all walking tracks in Lamington National Park, and connects Binna Burra and Green Mountains.
At 42 km return, this track is the same length as an olympic marathon, but taken at a bushwalking pace will take much longer. Experienced walkers would need to start no later than 6am to complete a return trip, requiring at least a 10 hour day.

This track is suitable for experienced bushwalkers who have well prepared themselves with other long walks in the fortnight beforehand. It has some areas which have a relatively steep grade. Even with appropriate buildup, many people still find their feet to get very sore in the final few kilometres.

Alternatively, a 21.4km one way walk could be considered for those who can organise travel/accomodation arrangements at the other end. A one way walk at an average pace would take around 7 hours.

The pensioner track is an easier grade and runs parallel to the border track for 2.5km.

Lookouts along the way provide spectacular views of the Lamington area, Mt. Warning and the Tweed Range
Predominant Vegetation:
The track winds its way through rainforest and patches of Antarctic beech forest. There are many plants communities present along this track including; Cool Subtropical Rainforest , Cool Temperate Rainforest , and Warm Subtropical Rainforest (at the Binna Burra end).

Key Animal Species:

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