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Size: Head & body length: 70mm
Tail Length: 60mm

Weight: Up to 11g

Identification: A mouse-sized mammal with grizzled grey to cinnamon on upper fur, occasionally with tiny white spots. The fur is paler below and white under the chin. The head is flattened.

Other Common Names: Pygmy marsupial mouse, coastal planigale.
Status: Common.


Found across northern Northern Territory as well as down the east coast of Australia, from Cape York (Queensland) south to the middle of New South Wales.

Habitat: Inhabits a range of habitats, from rainforest, eucalypt forest and grasslands to marshlands and rocky areas.


Movement: A nocturnal animal, this tiny animal exhibits suprising ferocity.

Feeding: Feeds on insects, including some not much smaller than itself.

Breeding/Nesting: Breeding occurs in late spring and summer in Queensland and females build a small saucer-shaped nest of grass and bark.


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