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Follow the Main Border Track and then the Elabana Falls to Picnic Rock. A further 200m down the track, the Tooloona Creek circuit branches on the right. This track follows Tooloona Creek and loops back to join with the Border Track. Follow the Border track past the two lookouts and back to O’Reillys.

Many waterfalls may be seen along this track as well as some spectacular lookouts.

Mt Wanungra, at an elevation of 1165m looks out over the Limpinwood Valley and Murwillumbah as far south as Byron Bay. Mt Warning is a prominent landmark from this lookout. It is also possible to make out Pt. Lookout to the north.

Both Toolona and Bithongabel Lookouts are on this walk.

Predominant Vegetation:
Some impressive Antartic Beech forest can be seen along this walk. Also, above Toolona Falls, Helmholtzia lillies grow abundantly in the creek beds.

Key Animal Species:
In many pools you may catch a glimpse of the Lamington Spiny Crayfish.

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